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About Us

End to End solutions from concept to commissioning

Indusmation offers State Of The Art solutions for Enterprises of all sizes. 

Our Principle Micromatix has been founded by Industry Leaders who have very good expertise and experience in Product Development, Software Solutions Development, Engineering, System Integration and Implementation of Process Control and Automation Systems in many industries in countries like India, Malaysia, Germany, US and Canada. Micromatix is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company designing and developing advanced Products and Enterprise Solutions using Barcode, RFID and IIoT technologies. Micromatix’s Products and Solutions help companies in their Digital Transformation journey, adopt Industry 4.0 practices and cut costs, optimize their business operations and maximize their profits. 

We are very committed to constantly bringing in innovation in our Products, Systems and Solutions that will help the Growth Objectives of our Customers besides being competitive ourselves. With a large push being given to the Healthcare sector, Micromatix will be offering very innovative solutions in the Healthcare space which will benefit Millions of People in many countries across the Globe. These solutions will facilitate bringing Quality and Affordable Healthcare even to Remote Villages and Rural Areas.

  • Our Products and Solutions help our customers to adopt Industry 4.0 practices and achieve Digital Transformation and run their business confidently, cut their operation costs and increase their profits.

  • Our solutions are hosted in the cloud and customers do not have to worry about maintaining their servers, databases etc. Our solutions are completely scalable so that it is very affordable even to MSME companies.

  • ​Our team has Experts with very good domain knowledge and experience in Industries like Cement, Steel, Petrochem, Oil & Gas, Power, Textiles, Biotech, Pharma, Paper and Manufacturing (Batch and Discrete).

  • ​We have partnered with Industry Leaders and offering Products such as Barcode scanners, Handheld devices with RFID readers, Barcode and RFID printers, Wireless Sensors etc. We take responsibility for offering solutions on a Turn Key basis.

Mission Statement

Micromatix aspires to become a Leader in offering Advanced Enterprise Solutions using Emerging Technologies. Our aim is to empower Customers of all sizes with the latest tools and technology solutions which will help them to adopt INDUSTRY 4.0 practices and achieve Digital Transformation of their business, cut costs and improve their profits.

We always design and develop solutions that will not only meet customers’ present requirements but also keep pace with the changing landscape of customers and their future requirements. Protecting Customers’ investment is our top priority.

We are very serious about constantly bringing in innovation in our Products, Systems and Solution s that will help to grow our company as well as improve the competitiveness of our Customers.

Quality Policy

Micromatix has ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management. All our Design, Development and Service Activities have been standardized to ensure Quality and Reliability at each stage. Usage of Advanced Tools is integrated in our standard process to ensure Track and Trace capability in what we do. This will help us to make any course corrections that may be needed from time to time.

Our team members undergo periodic training on new emerging Technologies, Standards, Processes in the Design, Development, Manufacturing, Testing, Documentation and Customer Service.

We fully understand that maintaining a High Standard and Quality in what we offer and what we do is not an easy thing. We are very much committed to offer the best Products, Systems and Solutions to our customers without compromising on Quality and offer best possible services. Each member in our company will be trained and motivated so that we can meet and maintain higher standards of Quality Goals.

Technology And Domain Expertise

Our team has successfully executed many projects and offered solutions for Manufacturing applications, Supply Chain Management, Asset Tracking, Healthcare Systems, Warehouse Management Systems, Remote monitoring, Energy Management systems etc. Micromatix has very good domain knowledge in applications related to Process Control and Industrial Automation.


Micromatix has been founded by a team of professionals with over 30 years experience in Software, Embedded Systems, Process Control and Industrial Automation. Our team members have successfully implemented many Industrial automation projects in applications such as Food, Chemical, Pulp, Paper, Oil, Gas, Power, Steel, Cement, Textiles, Discrete Manufacturing, Engineering and Electric Utilities. Projects have been executed using PLCs, DCS and systems from global automation vendors like ABB, SIEMENS, HONEYWELL, Rockwell, Toshiba and others.

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