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XCEL tracker Barcode / RFID based People, Material and Asset Tracking System

With Asset Tracking experience in applications for various Industries, the XCEL tracker application framework has been designed and developed. This is a simple, easy to use and powerful application framework that can track People, Materials and Assets . This system can be used for Asset tracking and management for all types of Industries. This application comes with standard modules and a set of optional modules and customers can choose the optional modules depending on their needs. XCEL tracker can track Company employees as well as Contract workers. All items can be tagged with barcode labels, BLE tags and /or RFID tags. For People tracking Badges are offered. Multiple types of RFID technologies can be used depending on customer requirements. For Capital assets, the system can handle assets that are owned by the client as well as the ones that are leased in. Financial Depreciation can be applied and clients can keep track of the net worth. This solution is fully scalable and can be easily customized to meet specific customer requirements. The system can be used to track assets that are present in just one facility as well as assets that are stored at multiple locations .

XCEL tracker application has a very novel concept in defining the Enterprise Assets and configuring the parameters. Users can configure multiple PLANT s . For each Plant, multiple plant SECTION s can be configured. For each plant section, multiple EQUIPMENT or Assets can be configured. For each Asset , multiple TOPICS can be defined. Multiple PARAMETERS can be configured under each TOPIC . Asset Templates can be defined and Assets can be easily created and configured in the system.

XCEL tracker supports functions listed below.


  • Master Data Management

  • Import & Export Data

  • Receive & Retire Items

  • Move Items from one location to another

  • Tracking of People & Materials

  • Asset Inspection

  • Asset Maintenance Management

  • Asset Resource Consumption

  • Asset Operation & Maintenance Expenses

  • Issue and Return Items to /from users

  • Inventory, Verification and Reconciliation

  • Missing and Misplaced Assets

  • Assets Depreciation and Net worth of Assets

  • Historical Data Analysis and Tracking

  • Reports Generation

The System Administrator will create and configure
authorized users who will be using this application. System supports a Super Admin, Site Admin and App Users for each Location. Multiple access privileges are supported. System keeps track of Assets that are owned by the company as well as the ones that have been leased.

Multiple Locations, Departments, Asset Categories and
Types can be configured. For each location, multiple sub
locations can be configured. Visibility and access of Asset
data can be restricted depending on the user’s location and department.

Assets can be tagged with Barcode Labels and /or RFID tags. Mobile computers with integrated bar code scanners / RFID readers can be used. Otherwise blue tooth enabled barcode and RFID readers can be used with the Mobile computers and Smart Phones .

Salient features of XCEL tracker

Easy to use, Flexible and Highly Scalable. Supports Handhelds with Barcode and RFID readers. 

System can keep track of Asset Status, Movement, Ownership and Inventory. System can automatically apply depreciation on assets value and calculate net worth of assets at any point of time.

Inventory Cycle Counting and Inventory Verification features available. If RFID technology is used, system can detect Missing Assets and Misplaced Assets at any Location or Sub locations.

Asset Inspection and Maintenance activities can be streamlined easily. Once an asset is scanned, system will automatically show a pre configured Inspection Template. Data can be entered directly. Maintenance requests can be created and Department Head will convert the requests to Maintenance Work Orders. Details of work carried out can be directly entered in the handheld device.

With Active RFID tags, system can track PEOPLE, MATERIALS and ASSETS in real time . Each area can be logically divided into multiple zones and system can track People, Materials and Assets that enter or exit each zone.

Every activity/transaction is logged with the User ID and date/time stamps. Powerful audit trail features supported. System has many standard built in reports. Custom reports can be easily developed.

System can be integrated with ERP Systems like SAP R/3, Oracle, Microsoft and other providers.

xcel tracking use case.png

XCEL tracker can track fixed Assets as well as Moveable Assets and Vehicles. Vehicles can be attached with GPS Tags and
their movements can be tracked. System will automatically generate a TRIP Report for each vehicle. Daily Report will be generated as well. In addition to GPS tags, BLE tags can be attached vehicles. When vehicles leave the company main gate, system will automatically log the Vehicle License Plate No, Driver ID along with Date Time Stamp. Same way when vehicles enter the company main gate, the entry details will be logged. For People tracking, BLE tags, Passive RFID or Active RFID tags will be offered. Depending on the exact requirements of the client, Tag Readers will be placed at various points in the plant area to automatically record the movements of Assets and People.

This application supports many processes as below:

  • Receiving New Assets, Configuring the properties and creating the Asset Labels / Tags

  • Moving the Asset to a specific Sub Location

  • Performing Asset Inspection and Recording the observations

  • Performing Maintenance work and entering the details.

  • Performing Inventory Counting & Verification at a specific Sub Location

  • Issuing Assets to Company Employees / Contractors

  • Returning of Assets back to Company by Employees / Contractors

  • Tracking History of Asset Status, Inspection, Maintenance and Movement

  • Decommissioning Assets

System comes with advanced tools for Importing Asset data from EXCEL Spreadsheets as well as Exporting to
Spreadsheets. Also by writing a custom Utility Asset Data already defined in ERP systems can be imported to XCEL tracker
Various filters can be created for exporting Asset Data. System can keep track of the Insurance details of all capital
equipment. Alert SMS and email notifications will be generated before the Insurance Expiry Date.

System Study, Software Implementation and Technical Support

We offer a full spectrum of consulting services for helping customers in System Configuration, Implementation, Training, Post Implementation support and Maintenance services. For implementing this solution with RFID, site survey and RFID analysis needs to be done to correctly configure the system to meet user’s functional requirements. For customization, System Study and gap analysis is to be conducted to understand the existing business process and to recommend the most appropriate solution. Depending on the requirements, long range RFID tags, Personnel badge tags and readers can be configured and offered.

XCEL tracker i s offered on a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription model as well. The Application will be hosted in the Cloud and Subscription charges include the charges for Server Hosting. SME Customers can initially start with a simple barcode based system and quickly implement the application. At a later date they can migrate to an RFID based system.

This system can be used to manage 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 or even 10,000 assets at each Plant Location. Subscription charges depend on the number of assets to be managed. For further details please contact us at

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