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XCEL signage Intelligent Signage Display System

Remote Monitoring applications

All types of industries (such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Warehousing, Distribution etc) need flexible, powerful and low cost Signage display systems. Particularly for applications related to Products Assembly, Testing, Dispatching and Process Control systems require large screens where relevant data can be displayed which can be clearly seen by the plant floor technicians and supervisors. Traditional signage display systems are not only expensive but also difficult to deploy and maintain. Further customizing the solution to the specific application is not easy. The advanced Signage Display solution - XCEL signage is easy to customize, affordable and very easy to deploy and maintain.


XCEL signage system can be offered with large sized LED displays with various screen sizes ranging from 30” to 52”. The systems uses a state of the art embedded computer running Android OS and this product has built in WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces. The embedded computer is about the size of a USB memory stick. XCEL signage system just contains the embedded computer and the monitor. No other cables / connections are necessary. Depending on the type of application, multiple systems can be installed at desired locations.

xcel signage layout.png

XCEL signage system can be integrated with various types of plant floor control systems such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Distributed Input Output Systems (DIO) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). Third party applications and other applications like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) can be integrated with XCEL signage as well.

Our custom middleware will perform real time data collection from one or more of the above systems and update the data. XCEL signage system has a web based application with which the system can be configured. Using this application, the System Administrator can configure just one or more of the signage systems that are present at various locations. Various types of data templates can be configured and any selected data template can be displayed on any of the signage units. All signage systems will communicate with the server and the contents will be accordingly updated.

The data template shown on the signage can be changed depending on user’s preference or according to events defined in the system. To offer additional flexibility, Mobile application can be offered which can be run on Android and iPhone based devices. Using this application, authorized users of this application will be able to monitor the real time contents of any of the Signage units. It is also possible to switch the data template shown on any unit. Depending on customer’s requirements additional peripherals such as Keyboard, Mobile printer, Smart card reader, RFID readers, Barcode scanners etc can be added and the system can be converted into a powerful Kiosk.

Application areas for XCEL signage
Manufacturing :

  • Manufacturing Assembly Lines

  • Products Testing and Dispatching

  • Warehouse Inventory & Products picking

  • Shipping & Distribution

  • Remote Monitoring

Process Plants :

  • Advanced Human Machine Interface

  • Production Monitoring

  • Machinery Maintenance

  • Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Product Dispatching

  • Fleet Management

Healthcare Sector :

  • Display systems for Doctors & Nurses

  • Laboratory Information Systems

  • Patients & Facility monitoring

  • Equipment Tracking


Hospitality & Retail Sector:

  • Advertisement Systems

  • Self Service Kiosks

  • Restaurant Order & Delivery monitoring

Law Enforcement Agencies:

  • Advanced Alert Systems

  • Incident Tracking & Display

Sports & Entertainment Sector :

  • Products & Business Advertisement Systems

  • Information display stations

  • Self Service Kiosks

signage based kiosk.png

Software Implementation and Technical Support :

We offer a full spectrum of consulting services for helping customers in System Configuration, Implementation, Training, Post Implementation support and Maintenance services. XCEL signage system can also be customized according to specific requirements of our clients.

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