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Chemical Plant
Sample handling sytems

Sample Handling Systems

One Stop Shop for Process Control analyzers & CEMS

Indusmation applies innovative technology for the development and manufacture of Process and emissions monitoring systems. Our technologies include insitu, extractive and exsitu analyzers and systems. We provide sampling system design, complete sampling systems, data acquisition systems.

Sample Stingers

sample stingers.png

Various materials (SS, Hastelloy, Monel etc.,) and lengths and mounting styles

Dilution Probes

dilution probe.png

High ratio dilution probes for high moisture and corrosive gas applications

Gas Chillers

gas chiller.png

Peltier Sample gas coolers for Class 1, Zone 1 applications, single or double heat exchangers with freezer

Heated Probes, Filters

heated sample probe.png

Heated sample probes and filters for Class 1, Zone 1 applications with Back purge, calibration features

Inertial Probes

Inertial probes for very high dust and corrosive gases (> 100 g/m3 dust) applications

Inertial Probe.png

Sample Lines

sample line.png

Heated, unheated sample line bundles for Class 1, Zone 1 applications

Sample Pumps

sample pump.png

Compact sample pumps and condensate pumps for various applications

PLC Controls

plc controls.png

CEMS controller design, software and hardware with major PLC makes, data logger and customization

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