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Data Reportin Systems

Data Reporting Systems

One Stop Shop for Process Control analyzers & CEMS

Indusmation applies innovative technology for the development and manufacture of Process and emissions monitoring systems. Our technologies include insitu, extractive and exsitu analyzers and systems. We provide sampling system design, complete sampling systems, data acquisition systems.

Station Manager® 

Key Features
·    Integrated CEM Data Logger, Data Handling System, and Reporting System
·    Intuitive User Interface
·    Data Reporting - 40 CFR Part 60 and 40 CFR Part 75
·    Allen-Bradley PLC, Automation Direct PLC, Modicon PLC, or Advantech SIU
·    Modbus “Master” and “Slave” Interfaces to Plant DCS and SCADA Systems
·    Data Inputs from Wonderware, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle databases
·    Strip Charts and Trend Recording
·    Timer – Controller Program
·    Calibration Control – Logbook – Inventory – Alarms
·    Data Export to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
·    Microsoft Windows 2000
NEW     Voice Alarm Message
NEW     E-Mail Alarm and Report Program
NEW     Real-Time Data Display



System Manager® 

Key Features
·    System Manager is a Plant Control Room CEMS Display & Reporting System
·    System Manager retrieves data from EMC Station Manager CEM data loggers
·    Connects to data loggers through RS-232C/RS-485C, Ethernet (TCP-IP), or Radio Links
·    Extensive selection of CEMS Compliance Reports and Data Reports
·    Data Editor, Edit Trail Program, QA Programs, Alarms, & Trend Display
·    CEMS data stored in a Microsoft SQL Server®, Access®, or Oracle® Database
·    Operate Client-Workstations anywhere on the Plant LAN or WAN

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