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Insitu Analyzer

Insitu Analyzer

One Stop Shop for Process Control analyzers & CEMS

Indusmation applies innovative technology for the development and manufacture of Process and emissions monitoring systems. Our technologies include insitu, extractive and exsitu analyzers and systems. We provide sampling system design, complete sampling systems, data acquisition systems.

Insitu analyzer
Infra G NDIR based insitu multigas analyzer
Process and emissions monitoring and reporting Applications

Challenges in gas extraction and gas sampling

Full extractive analyzers and continuous emissions monitors suffer from long response times, risk of altering the gas sample characteristics making it not representative of the actual measurements, with high capital, installation and maintenance costs due to extensive hardware components inherent in the system.


Infra G NDIR multigas analyzer is an insitu CEMs that does not extract or condition the gas sample in the stack or process. It measures the gas concentrations as they exist insitu at the same temperature and pressure, giving very accurate results. As there is no sample transport of gas conditioning, there is no delay in measurements, rapid continuous online measurements are made.


The Infra G Insitu Series of instruments is designed for on-line analysis of up to five gas phase process components. The system comprises three units: the Optical Head Unit (OHU), and the Auto-Zero/Auto-Purge Panel (AZAP). This instrument operates on the dual wavelength infra-red principle, wherein a beam of specific wavelength infra-red radiation is sent through the simple cell of the Optical Head Unit. The beam is then partially absorbed by the gaseous components to be measured.

The Optical Head Unit (OHU) requires no independent power supply; all necessary power is supplied via the AZAP Panel interconnection cables. The AZAP Unit displays gas concentration (s) on the integrated monitor along with information on sample conditions, diagnostic data and component trends.

In addition to its auto-zero function, the AZAP Panel has a safety function. In the event of power loss to the Optical Head Unit, or too low or too-high sample temperatures, the AZAP Panel will purge the sample cell with air. This is done in order to prevent any condensation forming in the sample cell, condensates which could be highly corrosive.

There is no moving part in the entire system


The Infra G features high grade mechanical, optical and electronic components that allows for high performance and reliability. The analyzer is suitable for applications where elevated pressure, temperature, and dust are present. The housing is comprised of a rugged industrial design that conforms to IP65. Network, MODBUS (4) 4-20mA analog inputs, (8) 4-20mA outputs, and configurable relay outputs are available. No sampling system is required, and the low maintenance requirements reduce ownership costs to a minimum.


  • Power plants, Cement, Lime Kilns

  • Pulp and paper industry

  • Oil ad gas industry

  • Industrial manufacturing

  • Metals and minerals

  • Chemicals and petrochemicals

  • Waste processing

  • Many other industries

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