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RFID based Asset Tracking and Patient ID solution for a Hospital

Customer Information
A hospital was looking for a solution that will help them track the status, location and maintenance history of their expensive medical equipments. They had an excel spreadsheet based system but it was not able to provide accurate information and could not meet the demanding needs of the doctors and maintenance group. The hospital was looking for introducing a solution using barcode and RFID technologies. Additionally, they wanted an RFID based Patient ID solution that will help them quickly and correctly identify the outpatients and their medical conditions. The hospital wanted to initially Implement a pilot system and then roll out the full system at multiple locations.

Problems Faced
•The hospital has facilities at multiple locations; but they do not have inventory visibility, conditions of the expensive medical equipments and assets and their exact location information.
•Existing excel spreadsheet based system was not efficient, it was very difficult to use and the hospital’s new requirements were not met by this application.
•The equipments and assets are maintained by multiple agencies and there is no solution available for tracking the maintenance work done by the different parties.
•Some of the equipments were moved to various locations depending on the need. The hospital wants to track the location information and their movement history.
•They wanted to introduce a system to periodically inspect all equipments, record observations and track operations.
•The management wanted to introduce a Patient ID card system that contains important patient information which will let them quickly retrieve and access the outpatients’ medical records.

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Solution Offered
XCELtracker RFID based asset tracking and RxTRAKKER wristband & smart card solutions were offered for this project. XCELtracker maintains the database of expensive equipments used in the hospital. Expensive equipments are RFID tagged while other assets are tagged with barcode labels. The system maintains the operating condition of the asset as well as its physical location. The hospital maintenance staff will scan the equipments using their handheld device with barcode and RFID readers. Once the asset is scanned, it will show the complete details of the equipment. If the user is performing any inspection on the equipment, details can be entered in the mobile device. If any maintenance work is carried out, details of the work done can be entered in the device. System keeps track of the person who did the maintenance work, it also captures the time/date stamps when the work was done. The condition/status of the equipment can also be entered.

The complete history of status, maintenance and movements of each equipment can be tracked in the mobile device. This data is available for the full life cycle of the asset until it is taken out of service. SoMo 650 handhelds with RFID readers were used for this project.

RxTRAKKER solution uses MiFare Smart cards for Patient ID tracking purposes. Outpatients are issued with these ID cards. When the outpatient visits a doctor, the doctor scans the card and immediately and the patient data is retrieved from the server and displayed. After the patient is examined, the doctor could update the data back in the MiFare card.

•Reduction of paper work
•Visibility of inventory, working condition and exact location of important medical equipments
•Audit trail is available for all user activities, such as equipment inspection and maintenance history
•Since the status history and maintenance history is available, it helps to diagnose equipment problems correctly and helps to improve the availability of the equipments and reduce the operating costs.
•Helps to ensure all equipments present in the emergency rooms and operating rooms are in perfect condition
•Smart Card based solution helps to reduce the delays and increases productivity
•Eliminates medical errors


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