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Land Mining

People & Asset Tracking Solution for Mining companies

We have executed on projects related to people and asset tracking systems. We have rich experience in offering solutions using multiple types of RFID Tags (HF, UHF, Active, RTLS and Special Purpose Tags) and Smart cards for these applications. We have integrated RFID readers from many vendors and our application framework can be easily customized exactly according to customer’s requirements. Some of the system configurations used in previous projects are shown below:


Overview of  features :

Long range Active Tag readers are installed in the field at various locations. The tags have a range of up to 600 feet. System tracks assets and people entering and exiting various zones. System can generate real time alerts using email and SMS under following conditions:

  • If unauthorized persons / equipments enter the zone

  • If people / equipments leave the zone without authorization

  • If people / equipments spend more time in the zone than pre-defined time 

  • Special tags are available with which users can generate help requests from the field. Mobile collaboration features can be offered. System monitors the location and status of all people and equipments.


About Indusmation
Our Principle has been a leader in offering advanced mobile enterprise software solutions using barcode/RFID technologies since 2001. Indusmation specializes in offering solutions for applications such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Asset Tracking, Maintenance Management, Healthcare, Warehousing, Distribution etc. Our mobile solutions are supported in Windows Mobile devices as well as Smart Phone platforms such as BlackBerry, Android, iPhones, Nokia and others. Indusmation team has excellent experience in offering industry specific mobile solutions to process industries like Cement, Steel, Paper, Oil-Gas, Power and Mining. Our solutions help to extend the ERP right to the smart phones and empower users to work more efficiently and help companies to improve the bottom lines.  Indusmation offers a full spectrum of Consulting Services, Software Development/Customization, Hardware Configuration, System Integration, Implementation Services, Training, Post Implementation support and Maintenance services. For additional information please contact at visit our website at for additional information.  

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