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SWG200 CEM system

One Stop Shop for Process Control analyzers & CEMS

Indusmation applies innovative technology for the development and manufacture of Process and emissions monitoring systems. Our technologies include insitu, extractive and exsitu analyzers and systems. We provide sampling system design, complete sampling systems, data acquisition systems.

Compact CEMS with full features

SWG200-CEM stationary gas emissions analyzer with:

  • IP54 aluminum cabinet with anti-corrosive red structural lacquer and monitored fan ventilation

  • Included dual heat ex changer Peltier gas cooler with two automatic condensate draining pumps

  • Efficient sample gas filtration using PTFE sintered particulate filter

  • Regulated sample gas pump with sample gas flow monitoring and alarm

  • Filtration of acid gases to protect the internal sample gas flow sensor

  • Solenoid valve for auto-zero with clean ambient air

  • Solenoid valve for calibration gas, with aluminum fine pressure regulator at cal. gas inlet port

  • Human machine interface with color TFT display, keyboard and standard RS485 interface (Modbus RTU)

  • All password protected, intuitive software guided menu, with diagnosis software and logbook

  • Power supply analyzer only 230Vac / 47-63Hz / 90W (110Vac power supply on request)

  • Total length of all heated sampling lines more than 60m, requires 3-phase power supply (L1 ; L2 ; L3 ; N ; PE)

  • Clean indoor mounting place, preferably air conditioned

  • Outdoor mounting place in clean, 41°F to 113°F (+5°C to 45°C) ambient, with mandatory sun & rain protection (user scope)


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