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iQVista Application Framework for Remote Monitoring Systems

iQVista is a very powerful and easily customizable framework for all types of remote monitoring applications. iQVista supports
data collection from LoRaWAN based Wireless Sensors, other types of Wireless Sensors, Remote I/O Modules and Edge 
Computing devices. Data from existing PLC, DCS, RTUs and other Field I/O devices can be collected and integrated with this
system. Data acquired from different sites or systems can be easily unified, hierarchically structured and organized in the iQVista system . Process parameters can be unified and grouped in the Cloud server. Process data as well as Consumption data of various types of resources can be easily captured, processed and analyzed in the system. System supports multiple user categories and privilege levels so that Plant managers, maintenance people as well as Senior Management can conveniently access, analyze and visualize the performance data and perform high end plant analytic functions. iQVista can be offered with a business intelligence engine and users can dynamically generate various types of reports.

iQvista layout.png

LoRaWAN Gateway

LoRaWAN Gateway can be used for collecting data from hundreds or even few thousand Sensor nodes with LoRaWAN interface. Data can be acquired from multiple locations and brought to iQVista This gateway can acquire data from sensors within a radius of as much as 5 to 7 miles. This gateway supports LAN and 2G, 3G or 4G interface as well.


Field data from sensor nodes is first processed by the network server and then sent to the application server. This gateway supports a maximum of 8 channels so that 8 sensor nodes can simultaneously communicate with the gateway.

LoRaWAN is a standards based network. There are many companies offering multiple types of wireless sensor nodes. Customers can mix and match these sensors and use them with the gateway. Sensor Nodes are also available with interfaces like RS232 and RS485 so that it can be connected to PLCs, RTUs, Energy Meters, Intelligent Electronic Devices etc. Class A, Class B and Class C type devices conforming to LoRaWAN protocol will be supported by this gateway. This gateway can be offered with IP 65 and IP67 ratings so that it can be installed indoor as well as outdoor.

iQVista Configuration

iQVista is very flexible and highly scalable. Users can configure multiple PLANTs . For each Plant, multiple plant SECTIONs can be configured. For each plant section, multiple EQUIPMENT or Systems can be configured. For each equipment, multiple TOPICS can be defined by the user. For each topic as many as 12 parameters can be defined. These parameters can come from any data source like PLC, RTU, Field I/O or other wireless sensors. We can also define data coming from OPC servers. System supports data types like AI, AO, DI, DO, Pulse Count, Time Counter, Text Registers, Date Registers, Date Time Registers and Currency Registers . System Admin can create authorized users for this application. Depending on the privilege assigned, users can access data of all plants, one plant or just a specific section of a plant. Using the web based application or using the mobile app, users can access the real time parameters as well as historical data on the fly. iQ Vista supports creation of TEMPLATES for commonly used EQUIPMENT. Depending on the requirement, these templates can be modified and used. Once a template is defined, it can be reused as many times as necessary. It helps to reduce the engineering efforts involved in building the application.

eQBrick Edge Computing Device

Many IIoT applications require Edge computing capabilities. We offer a powerful product called eQ Brick . This device can be offered in multiple configurations depending on the features needed in a specific project. eQBrick supports various types of interfaces like RS232/RS485 /Ethernet/ WLAN/ 2G,3G, Bluetooth etc. Depending on the computing horsepower needed in an application, suitable device will be offered so that hardware costs can be optimized.

Data Visualization
Once system is configured, even without building special HMI
displays, plant data can be easily visualized and monitored using
the hierarchical structure defined in the system. Users can build
advanced HMI displays and include in the system for visualizing
the plant data.

Data Analytics
Data Analysis can be done using the tools provided in the system.
Advanced functions can be implemented by writing custom software. Since we can track both the resource consumption details and the machine output / production data, we can compute the efficiency, productivity or utilization factor of each and every

Integrated messaging features can be optionally offered for communication between various users. System can generate various types of alerts under different conditions. In addition to this, generation of SMS and Emails are possible based on user defined conditions or alerts generated by the system.

Salient features of iQ Vista

Application Configuration of iQVista is very easy because of the hierarchical structure supported in the system like. PLANT, SECTION, EQUIPMENT, TOPICS and PARAMETERS.

Since multiple types of data are supported, all details related to an equipment like equipment supplier, insurance details etc can be handled in the application. Even operating and maintenance expenses and
resource consumption details of an equipment can be handled by this application.

iQVista can also be integrated with CCTV Surveillance systems. When specific events occur, the system can generate commands for taking the image snapshots as well as record video data for a specific duration of time.

iQVista supports integration with the Maintenance Management systems. Maintenance Requests and Service Requests can be generated and passed on to the other applications.

iQVista fully supports Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Hence it can be easily integrated with legacy systems and ERP applications used by customers.


Machines Monitoring, Control & Remote diagnostics

  • Process Optimization in Process plants

  • Asset Condition monitoring

  • Energy Monitoring & Sub metering systems

  • Machine Learning Systems & Artificial Intelligence

  • Smart City Applications (Parking, Transport

  • Management and Street Lighting Control)

  • Water & Piped Gas Metering

  • Building Management & Automation

  • Agriculture Automation

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Plant Optimization

iQVista can be customized to generate various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will reflect the operating efficiency of the plant. Users can compare their KPI with respect to the industry standard KPIs and see how well their plants are performing. Advanced features such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence functions can be implemented that will run on top of the iQ Vista system. High level plant optimization modules can be implemented as well. Depending on the current situation, customers can select the appropriate strategy for optimizing the plant performance. Accordingly the setpoints for plant operational conditions can be generated and downloaded to the plant controllers.

iQVista Reports Generation

iQVista comes with a Reports Generation Engine. Desired Reports can be generated as EXCEL spreadsheets or PDF files. Using the mobile app, the reports can conveniently accessed any time any where. System will email the reports to the user as well as the designated persons.

iQVista can be operated using the web based application as well as the mobile app running on Android OS and iPhones. The application configuration can only be done using the web based app.

Consulting Services and Software Implementation

We offer full spectrum of Consulting Services, Software Development/ customization, Hardware Configuration, System Integration, Implementation Services, Training, Post Implementation support and Maintenance services. Solution can be fully customized according to client’s specific needs. This solution is offered using Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Subscription model The system can be hosted in the PUBLIC or PRIVATE Cloud environments.

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